About me.

My name is Alannah Frank-Wilson. My passion lies in empowering individuals and families to move forward in life as whole, confident beings with solid, vibrant relationships. Life can be complicated and messy. Making sense of it all is a challenge, especially if you do not have the tools or support you need. I have supported children, teens, and adults navigating life’s most difficult challenges for over ten years. This experience, along with my personal journey of being a wife and mother, informs my practice. With me, you will find a calm and accepting space to explore yourself, set and achieve goals, or just be heard.


Few things in life are as unrelentingly challenging as raising children. Each passing day brings new trials. Finding the “right” thing to do can be daunting and confusing. With a focus on attachment and emotional connectedness, I help caregivers establish realistic, attainable strategies to make parenting more enjoyable, while also reinforcing the bond with their children. 

Together, we build on the strengths already present in the family and find new tools that fit their unique circumstances and values. Parenting in our modern world can be scary, you do not have to do it alone. 

I welcome parents and caregivers of families of any size or structure.

02 //CHILD/TEEN (10-18 YEARS)

Being a kid in today’s world is tough. Youth seem to be growing up faster and faster and are more connected to the world (both the good and bad parts) than ever before. With parents’ involvement and help, I assist children in building their confidence and resilience. Through play, art, talk, and skill-building activities in therapy and at home, kids will learn emotional regulation skills, constructive coping strategies, and how to form positive internal dialogues. I support youth and their families navigating conflict, communication issues, anxiety, depression, and difficult emotions like pain and grief.

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