Couples Therapy

Our unique approach to couples therapy includes addressing a breadth of issues such as premarital, disconnection, conflict, affair recovery, communication, intimacy, sex, life transitions and parenting differences. We believe in creating an environment that fosters safety, security, and the deep understanding necessary for repairing and soothing each other, laying the groundwork for a resilient and enriching partnership. Through therapy, couples gain the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of their relationship, ensuring both partners are heard, understood, and supported. Imagine entering a session that’s equal parts refuge and playground. Here, we focus on cultivating a secure-functioning partnership where mutual support and understanding are paramount. A session with us is like a dance – sometimes slow and reflective, other times lively and full of discovery.

We will dive into the heart of your connection, guided by principles of attachment theory and neuroscience. Expect to engage not just verbally but with your whole being, as you and your partner learn to read each other’s subtle cues and respond in real-time. It’s about becoming experts on each other, creating that ‘couple bubble’ where you’re both safe to explore, challenge, and grow together. Ready to transform your partnership? Let’s create harmony that resonates within and between you.


Couples Coaching

Crafting Your Path Together

When it comes to couples coaching, it’s all about intentionality and designing the life you aspire to share. Coaching goes beyond the present to forge a future that reflects both of your dreams and desires. This proactive journey is for couples ready to rebrand their relationship, focusing on co-creating their unique narrative without delving into past traumas.

In our coaching sessions, we address the real-time patterns between partners, emphasizing attentiveness and understanding each other’s non-verbal cues. We guide you through creating new daily rituals and written agreements that form the basis of a strong, supportive union. It’s through these deliberate steps that couples learn to co-regulate, attune to each other’s needs, and manage relationship dynamics with conscious care and compassion. This is your chance to strip back the layers and get to the nitty-gritty of your partnership. We’re talking straight talk, no fluff, and wholehearted connection. It’s about looking at the real stuff – the mess, the magic, and everything in between.

In a session you’re not just facing each other; you’re facing your future together. We’ll map out the patterns, laugh through the awkward, and navigate the tough chats with courage. Because let’s face it, it takes guts to build gutsy love.

We’re out here crafting a relationship that’s not just about surviving, but thriving. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, dive deep into your connection, and co-create a love story that’s authentically yours.

Join us at Core Elements Counselling for an exploration into both therapy and coaching, where growth isn’t just a goal – it’s a journey we embark on together. To learn more about how we can support your partnership, book a free consult. Let’s nurture the prosperous relationship you both deserve.

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