Hi! I am Alicia Hinger. Relationships are my passion. The bonds we have (or don’t have) create an understanding of the world we live in. Using the unifying principles of attachment and systems theories, my aim is to open new doors to self acceptance and compassion that ignites meaningful authentic connections. I’ve cherished a profound partnership for over 22 years to my best friend, offering me invaluable insights to enduring love and the intricacies of a long-term partnership. While guiding others on the path of meaningful connections, I also navigate the remarkable adventure of raising babies to toddlers to teens, finding serenity in nature’s embrace and joy in the company of all my 4-legged friends.

Growth and the work it demands is the rhythm that propels us forward, transforming steps into leaps of possibility

1995 Bachelor of Psychology
University of Great Falls

1998 Masters of Counselling Psychology
University of Great Falls
1999 Core Elements Counselling Services

Couples Counselling

A sanctuary for growth, understanding, deep listening, healing, clarity and transformation

Supervision & Coaching

A diversified approach to personal and professioal development, creating insights, skills, growth, empowerment, excellence and lasting success

Online Learning

A learning space of master classes, workbooks, videos, challenges, journals for growth, mastery, resilience, connection and wisdom

Equine Therapy

A unique and profound avenue for healing, self-discovery and transformation through the wisdom, spirit, intuition and magnifacince of these sentient beings

Keynote Speaking

Elevate your audience’s understanding of mental wellness, resilience and growth from years as a Psychologist in many diverse settings from correctional centres, to private practice

Workshops & Retreats

An immersive sanctuary for growth, insight, rejuvenation, compassion, and self-awareness through interactions with others, animals, art, music and experiences that inspire lasting transformation


As your guide I will challenge the core beliefs that have kept you stuck and develop a strategic map to guide you on this incredible journey towards a deeper connection with your partner. With over 25 years of experience as a psychologist and relationship coach, I’ve created a unique therapy space where love grows, communication flourishes, and understanding deepens. Imagine walking into a room where you feel completely seen, heard, and valued. My approach is all about creating a safe haven where you can share your dreams, fears, grief and hopes. With specialized training in attachment systems and a heart full of empathy, I help couples like you navigate the complexities of relationships. Whether you’re looking to reignite the spark, improve your communication, find your way back to each other or simply understand each other better, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Let’s turn those relationship goals into reality. I can’t wait to meet you and start this transformative journey together. 


Experience the transformative power and healing effects of equine facilitated wellness and nature therapy, where the empathic connection with horses and the natural world opens doors to emotional regulation, trust, stress reduction, personal growth, boundary and communication skills – all in a serene and nurturing environment with acceptance and grace.


Join our transformative workships and retreats, where we’ve empowered countless individuals in areas such as youth development, adult relationships, dating. parenting, team bonding, unwinding and many others. With a track record of successful past retreats and workshops we continuously expand or our offerings each year. We also customize content to meet th specific needs of each request. In these experiences a space is created for meaningful transformation, connections are deepened and lasting changes take root.


I’ve provided supervision and guidance to aspiring psychologists and therapists for many years, guiding them on the path to becoming registered professionals. I have also supported numerous coaches seeking to enhance their mental health expertise. Additionally, my coaching services cater to individuals navigating life transitions and couples seeking guidance to navigate their relationship journey—offering a map to achieve their desired destinations. In our Coaching sessions we will focus on specific goals, and co-create a clear path forward. Coaching is different then therapy and we will not focus on past traumas but instead create a new vision and path forward.

nurturing the seeds of potential”

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